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Becky Everhart-Venner

Movement Educator, Mentor, Dancer, Adventurer

Welcome. Movement, mentorship, and education are the truest center of myself. You will find my personal teaching methods a beautiful fusion of styles. I have been teaching movement since 1995 and established early on a strong skill set for verbal cueing, an eye for detail, and helping others discover their own sense of body awareness. I am a retired professional dancer and have always enjoyed mentoring and educating others in the world of movement. My style is somatic in its approach, encouraging exploration of movement and it's relationship between physical and emotional wellbeing.

I was introduced to Pilates in 1996 for injury rehabilitation and again in 2004 where I deepened my Pilates practice for injury prevention as a professional dancer. I earned my Pilates Method Teacher Certification in 2008 alongside my B.A. in Dance Choreography. In 2014 I expanded my education and teaching to include workshops in self myofascial release techniques. I also received my Reflexology license, deepening my knowledge of energy work and foot health (the foundation for all movement.) In 2015 I opened up a private Pilates studio. In 2022 I became a level 2 Franklin Method Educator focusing on Dynamic Neuro-cognitive Imagery, anatomical embodiment, and student centered learning.  All of these modalities together have deepened my ability to educate, inspire, and mentor my clients to harness the beautiful relationship between mind and body. Today I use all these methods not only to keep me strong, flexible, and resilient for my active life, but to lay a foundation that transforms my clients lives.

I've worked with clients in every stage of life from youth to active retirees. I am a compassionate, supportive, and positive instructor that encourages client exploration in movement for improved function, health, and longevity. I believe that slowing movements down, understanding the function, and embodying them fully sets us up for success. I believe learning to listen within ourselves is key to knowing what we need. I enjoy helping my clients use movement as a tool to prepare, restore, and heal their bodies. 

I train clients in their homes, in my private studio, or online. I get to inspire them, and in turn they inspire me. The relationships built with my clients are extremely precious to me and foster a desire to be stronger, healthier, and more alive each day. 

Whether I have the pleasure of working with you privately or in the community, I look forward to being a part of your movement journey.




Becky Everhart-Venner
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