Group Fitness


Skagit Valley YMCA:

Wednesdays 6am-7am: (e/o week) - RESTORE: A Fusion of mind body modalities that focus on functional restorative movements. Work toward balancing the body, and centering yourself. Classes include mindfulness techniques, breath work, stretching, self myofasical release techniques, pre-pilates strength foundations, and more. A great addition to your strength and cardio routines.

Quantum Health and Yoga Lounge:

Fridays 8:30am-9:30am: Pilates with Props: Focuses on foundational elements, classical repertoire, and self myofascial release techniques while paying close attention to details such as alignment, breath, and mindfulness. Pilates promotes strength, flexibility, and body awareness. We use a variety of props and techniques that enhance our workouts creating both extra support and challenge where we individually need it. This class offers students time to deepen their understanding of movement in their own unique body and gain personal tools that will empower change and create support in all areas of life. 

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