I offer regular workshops throughout the year to supplement your movement education experiences. Here is what's on the calendar thus far...

2020 Workshop Descriptions:


Begin with stilling the mind, opening the breath, and awakening the mind body connection.

Move through a series of self myofascial techniques to unwind tension, increase circulation, promote healing, and enhance body awareness. You will explore SOFT foam roller techniques to mimic a restorative massage, hydrate the tissues, release limiting fascial adhesions, and leave feeling relaxed and grounded. The methods explored in this workshop are beneficial for any level of fitness and for those who desire to include a nurturing movement practice that balances their strength and cardio routines.

February 8th & October 17th @ Quantum Health and Yoga Lounge


What is the core and how do we really access it for improved strength, mobility, and balance? How do we use it to reduce pain and instability? Learn the anatomy of our core muscles so you can better understand placement, function, and strength. Create mindful connections and explore exercises that will challenge and deepen our ability to access our core muscles.

POSTPONED - TBD @ Quantum Health and Yoga Lounge


FRANKLIN METHOD PRACTICE WORKSHOP: Come help me develop new skills. I'm spending 2020 in a teacher training course embodying a new method. I need willing participants to practice teaching these new methods to. This workshop is a mid-training check-in. A time for me to review and practice teaching many different elements of the Franklin Method. Curious about what this is all about? Please join me, provide feedback, and assist me in my learning process.



FEET FIRST - EXPLORING FOOT CARE PRACTICES: Learn about your foot anatomy, common foot issues found in today's lifestyle, and a multitude of tools and exercises to release and strengthen your feet. Focusing on foot function and helping our brains become more connected with them improves balance, mobility, and our gait. That in turn affects our whole system.


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