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Pilates Personal Trainig

Personal Training

Choose Movement that is Right for YOU. 

With a variety of options to choose from, we can create the perfect workout. Sessions are offered both in studio, in home, or virtually. Each session is tailored to your daily needs while still embracing your overall movement goals. Pilates has a vast repertoire of exercises for every age and ability meeting you where you are now and taking you where you want to be. Pilates' 6 mind body principles are centering, concentration, control, precision, breath and flow and you will see these embodied in each session. 

Pilates Apparatus: The studio provides access to Pilates equipment such as Reformer, Chair, Springboard, and Arc.  Working with Pilates apparatus is fun, supportive, and a great option for everyone from youth athletes to seniors. You will experience low impact movements that are kind to joints while still building strength and flexibility. 

Mat Pilates with Props: Beyond learning the foundational and classical Pilates mat exercises, your session may use a variety of props such as Stability Balls, Thera Bands, Magic Circles, Free Weights, etc. These help you to either create more challenge or support based on your specific needs.  

Self Myofascial Release: A big part of movement is understanding fascia and how it plays a role in mobility. I believe in a gentle approach using soft foam rollers, Franklin Balls, and other massage tools to help you release stuck tissues, increase circulation, promote neurological awareness, and hydrate connective tissue. This improves range of motion helping you access proper alignment and build healthier movement patterns.

Franklin Method: This method uses Dynamic Neuro-cognitive Imagery. By visually understanding your body's anatomical functions and implementing creative imagery that makes sense to YOU, we begin to embody movement in a way that creates lasting positive change in your body and mind.

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