Opportunities to Explore Pilates and Movement

Pilates Personal Training

I offer opportunities for either Private, Duets, or In-Home Pilates Training. We work together to address your overarching fitness and movement goals, while addressing your daily individual needs. I believe in empowering my clients to find the connection between their brains and body, listen to body feedback, and make informed choices about their health and wellness needs. Your Pilates sessions are enhanced with supported movement modalities such as Franklin Method, self Myofascial Release techniques, and Yoga.

Foam Roller Workshop

I offer community workshops hosted in various venues throughout the local community and abroad.  Please click the button above to be directed to the Workshops page for more details.


If you have a venue and are seeking to offer a workshop tailored to your employees, students, or communities needs, together we will create a movement opportunity that will nurture, support, and inspire.

Fitness Classes

There are currently no group fitness classes being offered. Check back spring 2022.


Foot health is incredibly important in our ability to be active. Neglecting the 3% of our body that supports the other 97% will eventually lead to dysfunction and pain. 

Reflexology not only addresses the physical aspects of our feet but also the larger energy fields of our entire body. It promotes full body relaxation, circulation, detoxification, balance, and healing through homeostasis. I offer a handful of monthly appointments dedicated to this practice. In your session you will also receive guidance regarding foot exercises, supportive tools, and homework that can be used to help improve the mobility and function of your feet.