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Reflexology Sessions

Foot health is a foundational necessity for fitness. Reflexology provides an opportunity to not only give our feet the care and restoration they need, but also a time to gain knowledge on how to better care for our feet on a daily basis. With only 3% of our body holding up the other 97%, we easily forget the importance of our feet until an injury occurs. Education on proper footwear, exercises for strength, flexibility, and mobility, plus discussions on how our foot health effects the entire body go above and beyond your basic reflexology treatment.


Regular maintenance of our feet is necessary for optimal health. Reflexology is deeply healing. Whether you're a client needing general stress reduction or one dealing with chronic foot pain, reflexology can be extremely beneficial. It aids in overall improved health, increased energy, pain reduction, stress relief, and promotes balance. 


Feet hold mini maps of our bodies organs and systems. By using hand and finger techniques on these reflex points we help the body achieve relaxation, balance, and means to self healing. We have thousands of nerve endings in our feet. If we can relax the nerves, we can relax the muscle; if we can relax the muscle, we can relax blood vessels; if we relax the blood vessels we increase circulation; and in doing this we increase oxygen and nutrients to the areas that need healing.


Reflexology is performed fully clothed on a massage table. 







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